I was born in Amsterdam on January 3rd 1971, I think i was captured by the magic of Photography at an early age helping my father in his darkroom.At the age of 10 my father bought me my first camera,a Practica with whom I shot birds.
After finishing high school I had several jobs,one of which was making portraits at Madame Tussaud.The visitors could choose between a shot alongside Benny Hill or Arnold Schwarzenegger - most of them going for Benny Hill.In 1994,I began evening classes at the Royal Academy of fine Arts in the Hague,while during the day I was assisting various photographers.Since graduating in 1999 I made a lot of photos.



commercial :Achmea, Essent , BEN , Vodaphone , Randstad ,Nationale Nederlanden , Hertz , Fortis ,Umbro, Postbank ,NIB capital , Museum Jaarkaart , Glaxo Chemicals ,ABN-Amro,Campina,National Dutch Ballet ,Filmmuseum, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Het Net,Pluimen,NUON, Post-NL,PGGM,RAET,Yuki,Pluimen,LG-Telefonie,KPN,Sara-Lee,Reggefiber,VNU,National Vacature Bank,Makro,Plus-Eredivisie

editorial : CARP, Volkskrant , hp de Tijd , MAN ,Squeeze,Avenue,Flying Dutchman , Slam, Strictly ,Volkskrant Magazine , Vrij Nederland , Marie Claire , ELLe ,DerSpiegel , ADDICT , GQ-USA , POL-OXYGEN,Muzeumcafé Hungary,Forbes Spain,De Morgen,Art-magazine Germany,het Parool



 1994 -1999   Royal Academy of Fine Arts – The Hague




2012               Dutch National Portrait award / Nominated

2001/2002  11th   Photography annual of the Netherlands / Nominated

2000/2001  10th   Photography annual of the Netherlands / Nominated

1999/2000    9th   Photography annual of the Netherlands / Silver and Merit 

1998/1999    8th   Photography annual of the Netherlands / Nominated




16 Maart  t/m 23 mei 2015     Exhibition  'Jansje in Nepal '  de Gang in Haarlem

for Jansje in Haarlem my friend, photographer and filmer Theo Captein and  myself went to Nepal to document the craftsmanship and work process of fair trade products in Nepal,This we did in behalf of fair trade organisation Jansje.

Mei/Juni 2011                 Group Exhhibition Mennonites Mennonites ‘De Gang’ Haarlem

Nov 2008 -Feb 2009     Exhibition ‘ terug naar Pakantan’ in de Gang Haarlem

Aug/sept 2008   Revisit the’Pakantan’ valley in Sumatra/Indonesia for a period of three weeks, where a Dutch Baptist missionary shot images of the local populace exactly 100 years ago.

2007                                   Exhibition Eyecatcher in The Music Theatre Amsterdam The Face of The National Dutch Ballet ,

                                              Photofestival Naarden“Buy Me” billboard on Naarden Wall

2005/2006                       Groupshow FOAM Museum van Loon with Simon Wheatley and Justin Jin

2004                                   Groupshow NEL “ Me myself and Eye” Amsterdam The Netherlands

2002                                   Groupshow NEL in the Arena Amsterdam The NetherlandsGroupshow 

                                              Groupshow PANL during Photofestival of Naarden The Netherlands

                                        Groupshow “ Foam in the Park”

2001                                   Groupshow PANL during Photofestival of Naarden/ The Netherlands  

                                              Groupshow PANLin PortugalClube de criativos de Portugal

2000                                   Groupshow‘Swearing”  The Warehouse London in cooperation with agency KesselsKramer

1999                                   Groupshow“ selected work from finalwork Royal Academy of Arts……….          The Hague The Netherlands