Short summary:

Brocantes are French flea markets and seem to be the French national pastime on weekends.

Brocantes  are peculiar places, you could see them as the edge of our consumer society. Many of the items sold there are too bad for the store but too good for the dump. 

Their visitors are a motley collection of people. Some  driven by their economic situation, the extra income is very important to their daily needs. But you will also find collectors who do not want to participate in the consumer society, out of personal conviction.

My series goes along various Brocantes in the North of France, Nord Pas de Calais 59.

 I intend to transform this series of images into a photobook.



This year I will be buying second hand stuff at the Brocntes and transform tem into  still-life images.

I am already talking to book publishers and designers showing them my sketch dummy shown in the video above.


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